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Battle of the RIVALS


Me and my Beshy Joane loves to watch Volleyball Game, most especially with this rivalry, as much as possible we do our best to watch it live. We might ended up with super long queue, or catching up with the fast-paced selling of online tickets, but we make sure that whatever happens we will and we can watch it live.

July 16, 2017, the Rivals will meet again, not for a finals game or a championship, but for a cause. This Battle of the Rivals is a Charity game which aims to raise funds for scholarship programs of both university.

Graduate Players from the De La Salle University somehow had a mini reunion for this game.

We have Ara Galang, Kim Fajardo, Mika Reyes, Cyd Demecillo, Aby Maraño, Cha Cruz, Michelle Gumabao, Steph Mercado, Chie Saet and Melissa Gohing. Coach Ramil De Jesus, the Ten-time UAAP champion coach will still lead the squad.

While on the Ateneo Side, we have mixed of generation of players.

We have Alyssa Valdez, Jia Morado, Amy Ahomiro, Denden Lazaro, Ella De Jesus, Jho Maraguinot, Bea De Leon, Michelle Morente, Maddie Madayag and Fille Cainglet-Cayetano, to be led by Coach Tai Bundit.

images (4)

Gates are open at 1:00 pm, we were there exact 1:00pm. We’re still amazed by the very long queue outside the arena.  The first Game was Team Pilipinas vs Team Macau (Men’s Volleyball), an exhibition game, team Pilipinas won in three straight  sets. Their game ended at 3:00pm.


After Philippines and Macau game, Hosts Mela tunay (former UST Volleyball Player and Andrei Felix makes their entrance and announced for another exhibition game with other former and recent UAAP players with audience. Some of the Players are Jovelyn Gonzaga, Jaja Santiago, Mika Esperanza and more.

Exhibition Game

After the Exhibition Game and Awarding, Mela and Andrei announces that the BOTR will start for a few moments. Crowds are cheering so Loud that I cannot even hear myself, then when the announcer speaks, the crowd goes wild!!

The First and Second Set goes to DLSU while the Third to Fifth Set goes to ADMU. I was amazed how the Players just enjoy the game and being so united as one. At the end of the day, no one loses, because this game is for their charities.

It will always be a great experience watching this teams and of course the undying support of their fans.

Jia Morado (ADMU) and Aby Maraño (DLSU) are the MVP’s of the Game.

Here’s a glimpse of the introduction of players and other pictures.

videos and pictures captured using OPPO F1s.

















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